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There are very few policies which apply across all Fandom. These can be found on Community Central linked here.

The policies specific to SpongeBob Answers are found below. These rules must be obeyed at all times.

The Rules

I. Definitions

  • A. Introduction
  • 1. The definitions in this section apply to the entire policy page.
  • B. Definitions
  • 1. Administrator - any user of the wiki with sysop privileges.
  • 2. Ban - a permanent removal of a user's ability to contribute to the wiki.
  • 3. Block - a temporary suspension of a user's ability to contribute to the wiki.
  • 4. Bureaucrat - any administrator of the wiki with bureaucratic privileges.
  • 5. Consensus – when 70% or more of the participants of a discussion are in favor of the proposal after seven (7) days or more of discussion.
  • 6. Content dispute - any disagreement in regards to content on the wiki.
  • 7. Edit war - a dispute in which two or more editors revert changes to an article back and forth between opposing revisions.
  • 8. Fanon - any SpongeBob SquarePants in-universe or merchandise-related content not officially released by Viacom via a press conference or the Nickelodeon TV channel, and information that can be derived from that.
  • 9. Page header - individual headers within the article are designated by equals signs (i.e. ===Header===)
  • 10. Page title - the title of the article that appears at the top of the page and the URL
  • 11. Partial revert - reversing only part of a prior edit, while retaining other parts of it.
  • 12. Resign - the voluntary act of giving up a promoted position.
  • 13. Retire - the voluntary act of giving up a promoted position and ceasing activity on the wiki.
  • 14. Revert - reversing a prior edit, which typically results in the article being restored to a version that existed sometime previously.
  • 15. Sandbox - a page for testing.
  • 16. SpongeBob SquarePants fansite - any website that contains SpongeBob SquarePants-related information.
  • 17. Suspension - the temporary removal of a promoted user's privileges.
  • 18. Termination - the forced removal of a promoted user from a particular position.
  • 19. User - any member of the wiki's community including contributors, administrators, and bureaucrats.
  • 20. Vandalism - any change in content that is intended to be negative.

II. User conduct

  • A. User interaction
  • 1. Do not attack other users personally. This includes but is not limited to: threatening the wiki and/or user(s), name calling (including, but not limited to idiot, jerk, stupid, retard, etc.), and derogatory statements.
  • 2. Do not discriminate other users based on their religion, political affiliation, sexual preference, or anything else. It is strongly recommended that users do not discuss these things as these may cause distress.
  • 3. Do not use profanity. You can say "damn" as it was used in the first movie, possibly "hell" if in the context. This also means no use of the words such as "f***," even when used as an expletive.
  • a. Any use of profanity in general will result in consequences.
  • b. Any use of profanity directly toward other users will result in a more severe consequence.
  • 4. Do not add or link to content that is inappropriate for younger readers/contributors (someone that is under 8 years old.)
  • 5. Do not correct other people's use of spelling and/or grammar on discussion pages, message walls, or the forums unless it is in regards to spelling and/or grammar use in an article.
  • B. Vandalism
  • 1. Do not vandalize anything on the wiki. This includes, but is not limited to: spam, nonsense edits, removal of good quality content, and the unnecessary blanking of pages.
  • 2. Any user who continues to revert or change articles to a previously lower quality version will be blocked per the blocking policy.
  • C. Multiple Accounts
  • 1. Each user is only allowed one account, unless you have a good reason that can be approved by the administration. In that event, all users must identify themselves as the owner of the accounts on the user pages. Any other accounts that are not a user's primary account with the exception of bot accounts, will be blocked.
  • 2. Only administrators may have a bot account. This account must be flagged after a discussion. Any exception to this rule requires a discussion.
  • D. Administrators
  • 2. Do not pose as an administrator if you are not. Administrators are the only ones allowed to inform a user that they have been blocked or banned.
  • E. Personal stuff
  • 1. For your own safety, you are not obliged to reveal your personal information.

III. Communication

  • A. General
  • 1. SpongeBob Answers is a community of multiple different users, and so the use of good communication is necessary to maintain a civil and productive editing environment.
  • 2. Off topic discussions are allowed on the wiki and must be kept on the off topic forum. The administration reserves the right to remove off topic discussions they deem unnecessary.
  • 3. If an administrator requests a response from a user regarding an issue, that user must acknowledge and respond to them. If the user makes more than twenty edits after the time of the administrator's message, this will be considered ignoring and consequences will follow.
  • 4. Do not discuss another wiki's issues on this wiki, it is not the right place for them.
  • 5. Do not necropost. Do not reply to forums threads, messages on other user's walls, or blog posts that haven't been replied to in three months or more without an administrator's permission.
  • B. Discussion areas
  • 1. Forums
  • a. When using the forums make sure that the topic presented has something relevant to the topic of the Wiki and SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • b. Any off topic discussion may result in the closing or removal of the thread, along with any necessary warnings or blockings.
  • 2. User Pages/Walls
  • a. You do not own your user page, it is given to you to help people know you better. The administration reserves the right to remove any content they feel is inappropriate.
  • b. Do not forbid anyone from leaving you a message on your message wall.
  • C. Issues
  • 1. Any issue that anyone may have with a user may be reported to an administrator.

IV. Questions and answers

  • A. General
  • 1. You must use the following format when answering questions:
  • 2. Do not ask questions irreverent to SpongeBob. Doing so will result in the question being deleted.
  • 3. Do not ask the same question more than once. Duplicate questions will be merged.
  • 4. Do not answer questions you are unsure of. If the answers you provide are false, your answers will be reverted.
  • 5. If you want to link to an ESB article, you can use {{ESB}}.
  • 6. If you believe a question is in violation of the policy, you can use {{Delete}}.

V. Discussions

  • A. General
  • 1. All major issues such as policy changes, promotion requests, and other decisions must be resolved with a discussion.
  • B. Participation and Voting
  • 1. All users are welcome to participate and vote in discussions.
  • 2. Any user who participates in such a discussion and is subsequently blocked, their vote will not count if they are still blocked at the point in which the discussion is closed.
  • 3. The only exception is if a discussion involves a user rights review of a particular user, the user in question does not have a vote. They are, however, allowed to comment, ask, and answer questions.
  • C. Format for Official Discussions
  • 1. General
  • a. All official discussions are to be created and discussed here: Board:General Discussion.
  • b. Anyone can open a discussion.
  • c. Discussions may be highlighted.
  • 2. Closing discussions
  • a. After seven (7) days of voting, the voting stage will be closed.
  • b. At the end of the voting period, in order for a proposal, or option, to pass, there must be at least a 70% majority in support of the particular proposal, not counting neutrals.
  • c. If there is not a 70% or more support in favor of the proposal option, the discussion is concluded to have not passed and the discussion can be closed.
  • d. In the event that a discussion is closed and an agreement is not reached, another discussion may be created for further discussion.
  • 3. Exceptions
  • a. If a discussion requires more input, or contains a series of discussions, the discussion may be open for a longer period of time and close a different way.
  • b. In the case discussions with overwhelming support, a proposal may end after three (3) days of discussion if both of the following are true:
  • i. A majority of administrators support the proposal.
  • ii. The discussion has 90% or more participants in support.
  • c. In the case of discussions with overwhelming opposition, a proposal may end after three (3) days of discussion if both of the following are true:
  • i. A majority of administrators oppose the proposal.
  • ii. The discussion has 90% or more participants in opposition.
  • d. The creator of a discussion may withdraw their proposal at their sole discretion.

VI. Promotion policy

  • A. General
  • 1. Anyone seeking promotion to rollback, discussions moderator, or chat moderator may contact a bureaucrat directly, as they are promoted at his discretion.
  • 2. Anyone seeking to be an administrator, bureaucrat, or content moderator must make the request by filling out a form so the community can discuss the request.
  • 3. Application process
  • 1. Anyone making any promotion request must follow these procedures.
  • 2. Applicants shall not use any images to advertise "support" for them, so as to discourage unqualified users who seek the support of others who do not consider their qualifications.
  • 3. Applicants shall not force other users to support them. Applicants are allowed to notify other users of such discussion, without imposing an agenda (such as using images to advertise for support, as in clause 3, above).
  • 4. Nominating another user for any position requiring a request form is prohibited unless the nominating user is an administrator or bureaucrat. All other nominations will be closed as invalid.
  • 5. Administrator and bureaucrat requests can be posted on the forum to seek more input, and they can also be highlighted.
  • 4. Voting
  • a. All users are welcome to participate in promotion discussions.
  • b. Any user who participates in such a discussion and is subsequently blocked, their vote will not count if they are still blocked at the point in which the request is closed.
  • c. Any requestee or nominee editing or removing votes from such a discussion will have their entire request or nomination invalidated and they are prohibited from making such a request for any position for thirty (30) days.
  • 5. Length of request
  • a. Promotion requests are to last no shorter than seven (7) days from the time the applicant makes the request.
  • b. Some promotion requests may end early if one of the following criteria is met.
  • i. If an applicant has the support of at least 90% of participating administrators, they may be promoted after three (3) days.
  • ii. If more than half (50%) of active administrators do not support the user's application, the request is unsuccessful and may be closed.
  • iii. If a promotion request has 0% support from administrators after three (3) days, it may be closed early as unsuccessful.
  • 6. Closing requests
  • a. Any applicant that has 70% support of all votes shall be promoted after the seven (7) days.
  • b. Only bureaucrats can close administrator requests, as they have the ability to promote those that are successful in their application.
  • c. If a user makes a promotion request but fails to be promoted, they must wait at least seven (7) days before making another request. Any bureaucrat can waive this rule by supporting the request.
  • 7. Invalid requests
  • a. Anyone who makes a promotion request in which they leave any of the questions blank, must answer the questions within two (2) hours of the creation of their request or else the request will automatically be closed as invalid.
  • b. Anyone who makes a promotion request and does not meet the listed requirements, the request must be closed as invalid unless otherwise stated.
  • c. Any user that receives a valid block while having a pending promotion request, the request will automatically be closed as invalid. The user will be prohibited from making any request for thirty (30) days, starting the time their block ends. Any bureaucrat can waive this rule by supporting the request.
  • B. Requirements
  • 1. General requirements
  • a. The user must demonstrate that all their contributions are positive, and further the goal of improving the wiki.
  • b. The user must demonstrate use of proper spelling and grammar.
  • c. The user must demonstrate that they can hold the position with maturity.
  • d. Any exceptions to these requirements may be waived by a bureaucrat.
  • 2. Requirements for all positions
  • a. At least two (2) weeks must have passed since the user's first edit.
  • b. The user must have a clean block record for at least one (1) month.
  • c. The user must have support from a majority of all administrators.
  • 3. Content Moderator requirements
  • b. The user must have at least fifty (50) edits, of which at least twenty-five (25) are main namespace edits.
  • 4. Administrator requirements
  • a. The user must be a current content moderator for at least two (2) weeks.
  • b. The user must have at least one hundred (100) edits, of which at least fifty (50) are main namespace edits.
  • c. If the user is an ESB administrator, he or she can be promoted with only fifty (50) edits, of which at least twenty-five (25) are main namespace edits, without the need of being a content moderator.
  • 5. Bureaucrat requirements
  • a. The user must be a current administrator for at least two (2) months.
  • b. The user must have at least five hundred (500) edits, of which at least two hundred and fifty (250) are main namespace edits.

VII. Demotion policy

  • A. General
  • 1. All promoted users may keep their position as long as they want, with the exceptions outlined in this section.
  • 2. Non-administrators who feel that a promoted user should be demoted for any reason may notify a bureaucrat.
  • B. Retirement and resignation
  • 1. Any user who wishes to no longer hold a promoted position and thus retires or resigns can demote themselves. They may notify a bureaucrat to have their powers removed as well.
  • 2. If a bureaucrat resigns or retires and fails to remove their powers, FANDOM Staff must be contacted to demote them.
  • C. Termination
  • 1. A user may be terminated for various reasons, including, but not limited to: violating the rules, abuse of rights, and/or disruptive behavior.