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Back in 2006, there were two failed attempts at creating a separate SpongeBob SquarePants wiki. I had requested that a SpongeBob wiki be created on Wikia. However, my request was denied on August 26, 2006, because Wikia didn't believe that a SpongeBob Wiki would be large enough. Instead, Wikia staff pointed toward the Nickelodeon Wiki as a means of accomplishing the goals.

I made a second request in December 2006. However, this request was denied on December 10, 2006, for the same reasons.

Most of the content from which Encyclopedia SpongeBobia began came from Wikipedia. There was a crisis at Wikipedia, and episode articles would soon be removed. Dark Assassin, a user of Wikia, made a request for a SpongeBob Wiki at Wikia. However, there was another request (that made by Haldir) that had been made, so Dantman denied Dark Assassin's request on April 11.

In April of 2007, Haldir's request for a SpongeBob Wiki was granted, and the SpongeBob SquarePants Wiki (as it was formerly) was born. However, Haldir was inactive and made only 10 edits.

I began contributing in May 2007, and started to migrate articles from Wikipedia to Encyclopedia SpongeBobia. I became an administrator in October 2007, thus adopting the wiki. I became a bureaucrat in February 2008.


  • AMK152: August and December 2006 (requests denied)
  • Dark Assassin: April 2007 (request denied)
  • Haldir: April 2007 (request accepted and wiki is created)
  • AMK152: October 2007 (adoption due to Haldir's abandonment of wiki)

Read more here: [1]

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It was Haldir, look here.
Re: Encyclopedia SpongeBobia:Who founded the wiki? Add answer
A user called Haldir.

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